Part of Ywam Durango's uniqueness is the absence of a central operating facility where staff and students live and work. Instead of being concentrated in a central location, Ywam Durango desires to be immersed in the communities we serve in, so all of our staff live dispersed throughout the city. This aids our calling to influence the spheres of society from the inside out, and we save ourself the responsibilities of a base, which allows us to invest more time and energy into the city we've been called to serve and transform. 

Our Staff


Josheb, Tirzah, & Coram Deo

Edgar and Amber Morales are the base leaders here in Ywam Durango. They are in love with the city of Durango, nature and adventure, connecting with people over sushi, and seeing people being launched into their calling and dreams. Edgar loves Homes of Hope and supporting families and other ministries (like Lebensbaum) through construction.  Amber is a doula and is passionate about birth, pregnancy, and homeschooling, and desires to see women empowered though their transition into motherhood.


Andrea & Marianne

Andy & Meche Spohn joined Ywam Durango in 2015. Andy, originally from Germany, is in charge of Ywam Durango's Homes of Hope ministry, the Lebensbaum carpentry academy, and the base finances. Meche is from Mexico and has served in Ywam for 24 years, the last three of which have been with Ywam Durango. She leads worship, has one-on-ones with staff, oversees the DSI integral health course, and leads Ywam Durango's Ethnos ministry tutoring children in English. Both also serve as part of the eldership team.


Aholi is originally from La Paz, Baja California Sur, and has been part of the staff of Ywam Durango since 2015. She has a degree in Psychology and is really passionate about mental health, which she has used in Ywam Durango to create a family development program for the Homes of Hope ministry. She is also currently in charge of the DSI integral health course, which seeks to educate and equip people to be agents of health for themselves and others.


Steve and Andrea have been with Ywam Durango since 2016. Steve is a personal trainer and coach with a passion for American football, proper movement, and injury prevention; he is also in charge of Ywam Durango's media department and teaches in the DSI integral health course. Andrea is an architect who is passionate about social aid, which is why she works in Homes of Hope as architect and project supervisor, and she is also part of the staff of Lebensbaum