"...for the equipping of the saints

for the work of service..."


The purpose of the DSI Integral Health Course is to provide an in-depth study that brings conciousness and equip people with regard to the diverse aspects that make up the human being (body, soul, and spirit).By understanding each area and how inseparable they all are, we can bring health to our lives and to others.

 Duration: 3 hours per week for 6 trimesters of 12 weeks

Total 2 years

 Date of next course: TBA


 Where: Durango, MX​


Cost: $500 MXN per trimester


Found is a program for youth where they will be exposed to missions while learning more about their identity as children of God beginning to discover more of their calling, direction, and life purpose. 

• Duration: 2-week intensive

• Date of next course: Summer 2020

• Where: Durango, MX​

• Cost: TBA

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