School Children

Ethnos English Cultural Center seeks to equip local children with the academic and linguistic tools of English while exposing them to different cultures and worldviews that exist in the world. 

Today, the Mexican society has adopted a classist worldview that limits its development possibilities. The vulnerable sectors feel trapped in their social class and without opportunities. 

It is necessary to provide a space where new abilities and tools can be obtained from an early age that permits us to help them better their present and future quality of life. The English language is one of those tools, which transforms paradigms about ones value as an individual and potential in the world. 

This ministry will be a well-planned program that lasts two years, teaching every Saturday for three hours. At the end of this time, we would like to see some of the following results in the kids:

  • Speak fluent English as a tool for their future and that their intellect would be stimulated.

  • Come to be believers and followers of Jesus, and if they already are, impart Biblical principles through the weekly lessons that disciple them in character and awaken an interest/love for the nations. 

  • Have healthy self-esteem, learning to see themselves as God sees them, and through that, obtain confidence in who they are (identity)

  • Have faith to believe that their dreams can be reached/achieved

  • Become people that are a positive influence on the society in which they live. 

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