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DTS is all about discipleship: going deep with God and developing a character that reflects His transformative work in our hearts. If you’ve ever considered stepping out of the status quo and choosing a life of adventure with God, then you’ve come to the right place.


Our DTSs at Ywam Durango, Mexico are 5-month long, intensive discipleship training programs designed for you to be able to Know God and Make Him Known. It’s a time of God pouring out His overwhelming love on you like never before! Learn your true identity and value in Him. Dive into God’s truth and watch how it transforms your view of life, yourself and others.


DTS is about getting a taste of missions, other cultures and seeing a small part of the world. It's a time of stepping out of the norm of life and being released to live in the freedom of knowing who you really are in Him! DTS will reshape and change your life forever.


Through profound teaching, group discussion, mentoring and living and learning with an international group of passionate young people, you will go deeper in understanding who God is, what He has for you and how you can bring about His will on earth. There is much God wants to show you, but He also asks you to partner with Him. He wants to work through you!


Personal character growth is emphasized during DTS as the school will challenge you to walk in responsibility, perseverance, patience, power and generosity. You will learn about YWAM values such as excellence, honoring others,  and worshipping God. DTS is a season of breaking away from things that hinder you from intimacy with Jesus. The staff of YWAM Durango and your fellow students will walk with you during this incredible time supporting and encouraging as your family in Christ.


DTS is a life-changing time that will not let you stay the same as you step into the plans God has for you. It’s a journey of finding freedom, fulfillment, purpose and passion that exceed your dreams! The challenges are real, but the rewards are worth more than anything you can imagine! The question is: Are you willing to take the challenge?


Why Ywam Durango?

Apart from the wonderful history and culture of Durango, Ywam Durango is a decentralized base, meaning that we don't all live and work in one particular place. Ywam Durango staff live dispersed throughout the city, working and ministering in places as dispersed as their living arrangements. The reason behind this is that less time taking care of the 'base' and base operations means more time serving and impacting the city. DTS students share in the decentralized nature of our base; although students will be housed together with a few staff members, they will be serving the city and experiencing the culture in a way that is different than many other Ywam bases. Work duties and ministry times will take you outside of the 'base' on a daily basis, giving you more opportunities to genuinely experience, love, and transform our beautiful city.


The first 12 weeks of DTS is called the Lecture Phase. During Lecture Phase, you will attend classes given by inspiring speakers, participate in corporate base times and community living, and serve Durango through local ministries and work duties done throughout the city.



Classes are imparted by speakers from around the world who share their wisdom and experience on topics such as Hearing the Voice of God, The Nature and Character of God, The Father Heart of God, Worship, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, Jesus & The Cross, Identity & Destiny, Relationships, Biblical Worldview, Evangelism and World Missions. The purpose of the lectures is to give students tools to live the Christian life the way God intended. That means living a life of freedom and purpose, knowing your authority, and showing practical love for God’s people. But learning isn’t just confined to the classroom...

Local Ministries &

 Work duties

In addition to classroom learning, we believe that true discipleship is learned through serving and being faithful, so part of the DTS focuses on teaching students the value of work. Putting what you learn into practice is also a big part of DTS, and we achieve these aspects of discipleship through daily practical service and ministry both inside and outside the base.

Students will participate in the different ministries that Ywam Durango is involved in locally, as well as other ministry and service opportunities throughout the city.



Base & Family Times

Being a family is a big part of Ywam Durango and we are always happy to welcome new students into our international family! We are a community of about 6 staff members consisting of singles, couples and families. As a base we have weekly breakfasts, Worship, and Intercession together. Along with that, we work together in our daily ministry activities, and love spending time together doing fun things.


Outreach is a time of cross-cultural living, evangelism and mercy ministries chance to see God use you in new ways and watch Him be faithful to His word. After 12 weeks of hearing lectures, getting equipped, and serving within the city, you will leave the Ywam base for 8-12 weeks and head out into the world to put into practice everything you learned.

You’ll be asked to prepare your testimony as well as a sermon or a topic that you can teach on. You and your teammates will take the lead and step out of your comfort zone to change the world! Besides sharing, preaching and teaching, you will do community work that might involve building, painting, working with medical clinics, playing endless games of soccer/football with the local kids or doing one-on-one evangelism. The point is: you’ll be stretched AND you’ll be inspired.


Ywam Durango outreaches may be within in Mexico because we desire to see this nation transformed, and teams would be sent to indigenous regions as well as metropolitan areas within Mexico. Outreach teams may also be sent to an overseas location to minister and serve alongside the local church and/or fellow Ywamers. The DTS School Leader and Staff will wait on God for His direction concerning the outreach locations for each school. Students are encouraged to seek God as to where He is calling them to go. Outreach destinations will usually be announced the 1st week of Lecture Phase or before.



Fees for the 12-week lecture phase in Durango include housing, food, and costs associated with the school. Fees for the 8-to-12-week field assignment include transportation (airfare/bus), housing and food. In addition to school fees, it is recommended that students have spending money for various personal needs during their DTS.


Category A – $3,200 USD

This is the price for students applying from the USA, Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia.


Category B – $20,000 MXN

This is the price for students applying from Mexico, Central America, parts of Southeast Asia and Africa.


Category C – $15,000 MXN

This is the price for students applying from certain parts of Southeast Asia and Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Central America.


Outreach fees within Mexico are estimated to be between $2,000-$2,500 USD and outside of Mexico fees are estimated to be between $3,000-$4,000 USD.



We require that all our students arrive to DTS with at least ½ of their school lectures fees paid. The balance of school lecture fees must be paid in full by the end of the 3rd week of lectures.


Outreach fees must be paid in full at least 2 weeks before the end of lecture phase.

For more information regarding school fees, nation categories, and payments, or for general information, please write to info@ywamdurango.com


Visa applications are different for each nationality, but for people traveling from the USA, Canada, most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand you will get a tourist visa upon entrance into the country. The cost of the visa is normally included in your airline ticket. Check with your nation’s embassy to find out the exact visa requirements. If you have any questions email our registrar at info@ywamdurango.com.


You will need to purchase your own Travel insurance for the 6 months of your lecture and outreach phase before you arrive at Ywam Durango. There are various companies who sell travel insurance, but many of us at the base use Talent Trust. Their website is www.talent-trust.com. The main requirements are that hospital stays, operations, and emergency medical evacuation would be covered globally.