The purpose of the DSI Integral Health course is provide an in-depth study that brings awareness and equips people with regard to the diverse aspects that makes up human beings (body, soul, and spirit). By understanding each aspect, and their inseparable nature, we can bring healing to our own lives and to others. 


1. Introduction

   • Introduction to Integral Health

   • Basic Concepts of Integral Health


2. The Body

   • Epigenetics & Neuroplasticity

   • Counter-Cultural Health


3. The Soul

   • Theories of Personality

   • Psicopathology




Each trimester will consist of two, six-week classes, for a total of 12 weeks of study per trimester. 

4. The Spirit

   • Pneumatology

   • Blessing & Curses


5. A Social Being

   • Healthy Relationships I

   • Healthy Relationships II


6. Practical Advisory

   • Diagnosis

   • Mentoring