The goal of our Asulado store is to offer incentives for our programs. Mothers or mamas-to-be can earn points for each workshop, video training, prenatal exam, or support group they attend and then can spend them in our boutique!  We hope to help in the ever-growing expenses of pregnancy and baby care.  There will be both "point" prices, as well as prices in pesos in order to help cover expenses through what we sell.




We are just in the beginning stage of starting this store! At this moment we are remodeling the location we are renting, building furniture, and getting the necessary legal process going.  Thanks to special friends we have enough new donated items to get started- toys, car seats, blankets, clothing, diapers, etc.


If you would like to help donate items, we need to grow in our inventory in order to continuously be restocking our merchandise. Because of our desire to give low-income mothers the chance to shop in a high-quality store where they typically wouldn't have the opportunity to, we are mainly looking for brand-new donations. However, we do accept used items in excellent condition, and will have a section of "gently used" items that will sell at a cheaper price.